T2202A Tax Credit Form

**Very Important**

1. This is a self reporting system, all you have to do is complete the T2202A PDF form provided here, print it to a PDF and save it on your computer for your records(in case CRA requests a copy).


2. You must email Exam Success a copy of your completed T2202A form so that we can validate your claim with CRA.

Use the email Subject Line: "T2202A Form"

Email the copy to info@examsuccess.ca

Must Read Instructions:

1. You do not need to submit it when you file your tax return, but you must print it to a PDF (non-fillable form) and then save it on your computer for your records (in case CRA requests a copy).

2. Do not try to cheat because CRA will charge you with a big financial penalty, when they catch you...and yes, they will catch you!

Enter the following on page 1 of form:

Enter the following on page 2 of form:

Complete "Designation for the transfer of an amount to a spouse or common-law partner, parent, or grandparent" if needed.

Canada Revenue Agency is the official authority on all tax issues and should always be consulted if you are unsure about your eligibility. If you need assistance, contact Exam Success.

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