December 2020 Level I CFA® Program Prep Solutions

Note to CFA Level I December Exam Candidates:

My live in-person classes at the University of Toronto are scheudled to start August 12, 2020.

I am also offering an online version of the program.

Should circumstances prevent us from delivering the live in-person program, all registered participants will be transferred to our online program and we will provide a refund for the tuition differnce.

I want you to feel confident and comfortable, so you can start your studies now without any risk!

I look forward to helping you pass!

Prof. Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI

Study Solutions for the CFA Level I Exam in December:

Value Bundles:
In-person Complete Study Program (Toronto)

Incudes all our study resources at a significant bundle discount.

Online Total Study Program & In-person Final Review (Toronto / Calgary)

Includes Prof. Gordon's study tools and the in-person final review at a significant bundle discount.

Individual Courses and Products:
In-person Weekly Classes (Toronto)

A weekly learning series held Wednesday nights. Includes Prof. Gordon's 100 page class workbook.

Online Weekly Classes (Anywhere)

A weekly on demand learning series. Includes Prof. Gordon's 100 page class workbook.

In-person Final Review (Toronto / Calgary)

A 3 day program in Toronto or a 4 night program in Calgary. Includes Prof. Gordon's Q&A workbook.

Online Total Study Program (Anywhere)

A suite of Prof. Gordon's study tools that include 500+ page Study Notes, Recorded Lessons, Video Clips and 1,200+ practice Q&As.

Prof. Gordon Study Notes (Anywhere)

500+ pages summarizing the curriculum readings. Includes demonstration prolems and learing examples.

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"Your courses were a HUGE help, I don't think I'd have passed 2 or 3 otherwise, I've already referred my colleagues & friends."

Dan Goddard

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"Your focused study notes and online exercises gave me a solid understanding of all topics and was essential to my success."

B. Jozefiak

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"I passed! Thanks for sharing your CFA knowledge & study tips, especially during the 3 day review seminar - I found it very helpful. "

Kate P.

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"I passed. Really pulled up my socks in the afternoon section. Thanks for your help in the May Calgary three day course. "

Jason Giovannetti

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"Your efficient, practical and strategic prep approach gave me the skills and direction I needed to reach the finish line."

Frederic Bouvier

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"I passed the CFA Level III exam. You definitely helped me a lot throughout my entire CFA journey"

Jeff Lilley

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