December 2020 Level III CFA® Program Prep Solutions

All orders will include Prof. Gordon's online recorded class sessions - FREE!

Final Review - In-person

Need an instant score and confidence booster and already studied the basics? Gear up for your exam at the ideal time with this intensive 3-day mini-mock-exam and question-analysis workshop that reveals the CFA exam tricks and traps and strategically recaps and ties together all the material including the complex topics and the critical score-raising application techniques to use on exam day.

Nov 6 - 8

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: U of T


CAD $599
Oct 30 - Nov 1

Time: 9am - 5pm

Location: SAIT


CAD $599
Weekly Classes - In-person            Toronto Only

Date: Tuesdays
Class time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: University of Toronto

Join the remaining sessions to keep you motivated and on track! This engaging, small-group classroom lesson series that teaches the CFA curriculum fundamentals through detailed concept explanations, demonstrations and analyses and provides academic support in and out of class.


Sept 15:  Study Sessions 10 and 11
Sept 22:  Study Sessions 12 and 16
Sept 29:  Study Sessions 13 and 16
Oct 6:   Study Session 14
Oct 13:  Study Session 15

CAD $499

Exam Success offers online study solutions, accessable anytime, anywhere.

Total Study Program

Confident with the basics or tried the exam before, want scheduling flexibility? Power through the curriculum at your own pace (hours, days, weeks or months) with the ultimate freedom to learn, practice and review the entire breadth or laser-target any tough topic with Prof. Gordon as your virtual tutor and go-to academic resource. Your unlimited online access to all the Prof. Gordon study tools starts as soon as you enrol!



  • Bonus: Includes 20+ hours of actual class recordings!
    • 20+ hours of focused, engaging Prof. Gordon Recorded Lessons
    • 500+ pages clear & concise Prof. Gordon Study Notes (PDFs)
    • Practice questions & learning exercises
    • 24/7 online student support forum
    • Success Guarantee: 1 year free online access repeat & course materials update

CAD $699

Teaching Sample

Prof. Gordon teaching a Derivatives concept. (approx. 4 minutes).

Included in:

  • Complete Study Program
  • Total Study Program
  • Final Review

Online Study Demo

A quick overview of our online study resources. (approx. 6 minutes).

Included in:

  • Complete Study Program
  • Total Study Program

Study Notes Sample

A brief excerpt from the Prof. Gordon Study Notes.

Included in:

  • Complete Study Program
  • Total Study Program


Prof. Gordon Study Notes

Want the most streamlined and simplified version of the curriculum? Clinch your understanding of the official text with these easy-to-grasp content summaries, learning exercises and examples for each study session. At this price, it”Ēs worth it to use the Prof. Gordon Study Notes as a supplement to the CFA curriculum or other provider materials --although, it's a powerful comprehension maximizer all by itself!



  • Learn what you need to know in just about 500 pages!
  • 100's of exclusive learning examples & exam tips
  • Complete topic coverage
  • Popular add-on to the Weekly Classes and/or Final Review

CAD $249

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"Your courses were a HUGE help, I don't think I'd have passed 2 or 3 otherwise, I've already referred my colleagues & friends."

Dan Goddard

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"Your focused study notes and online exercises gave me a solid understanding of all topics and was essential to my success."

B. Jozefiak

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"I passed! Thanks for sharing your CFA knowledge & study tips, especially during the 3 day review seminar - I found it very helpful. "

Kate P.

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"I passed. Really pulled up my socks in the afternoon section. Thanks for your help in the May Calgary three day course. "

Jason Giovannetti

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"Your efficient, practical and strategic prep approach gave me the skills and direction I needed to reach the finish line."

Frederic Bouvier

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"Your course kept me on pace, explained the material in much simpler terms than the CBOK, played a huge part in my passing L1 & L2!"

Greg O.

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"I passed the CFA Level III exam. You definitely helped me a lot throughout my entire CFA journey"

Jeff Lilley

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