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The CFA Level II exam is comprised of the following 10 topics: (with exam weightings)

Ethical and Professional Standards (10% - 15%)
Quantitative Methods (5% - 10%)
Economics (5% - 10%)
Financial Reporting and Analysis (10% - 15%)
Corporte Finance (5% - 10%)
Equity Valuation (10% - 15%)
Fixed Income (10% - 15%)
Derivatives (5% - 10%)
Alternative Investments (5% - 10%)
Portfolio Management (10% - 15%)

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"Your courses were a HUGE help, I don't think I'd have passed 2 or 3 otherwise, I've already referred my colleagues & friends."

Dan Goddard

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"Your focused study notes and online exercises gave me a solid understanding of all topics and was essential to my success."

B. Jozefiak

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"I passed! Thanks for sharing your CFA knowledge & study tips, especially during the 3 day review seminar - I found it very helpful. "

Kate P.

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"I passed. Really pulled up my socks in the afternoon section. Thanks for your help in the May Calgary three day course. "

Jason Giovannetti

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"Your efficient, practical and strategic prep approach gave me the skills and direction I needed to reach the finish line."

Frederic Bouvier

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"Your course kept me on pace, explained the material in much simpler terms than the CBOK, played a huge part in my passing L1 & L2!"

Greg O.

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"I passed the CFA Level III exam. You definitely helped me a lot throughout my entire CFA journey"

Jeff Lilley

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