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We provide learning resources that help CFA Candidates gain the knowledge required to pass the CFA Level 3 exam with the least amount of distraction from their busy professional lives.

Our in-person weekly classes and final reviews are so effective for this type of exam becasue they are demonstration based, active learning and not a boring lecture!

Our "to the point" study materials will save you hours of study time guiding you through the exam critical information you must know in order to pass.

Our exclusive "Student: Support Forum" provides study support far and above any other prep provider.

June 2020 Level III CFA Study Products

Online Study Program + Final Review

In-class Toronto

Looking for the most high-yield fast-track course bundle available? Enhance your prep from start to finish with convenience and efficiency using this versatile package that combines all the Total Study Program and Final Review perks at a significant discount over the individual program purchase prices! This bundle is suited to both experienced CFA exam takers and novices looking to jump start their prep or for the extra push to get over the passing score.


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Weekly Classes

In-class Toronto (U of T Downtown Campus)

Want a structured course to keep you motivated and on track? Then this engaging, small-group 15-week classroom lesson series that teaches the CFA curriculum fundamentals through detailed concept explanations, demonstrations and analyses and provides academic support in and out of class, is for you!



  • 15 Weekly Classes (45+ hours) in-person instruction
  • Weekly Classes Instructor Slides & Handouts
  • 1 to 1 pre/post class student support
  • Success Guarantee: Discounted program re-enrolment

Dates / Time (Double up and come to both - no extra cost!)

Section 1:   Sundays Jan 19 - Apr 26, 9:30am - 12:30pm


Section 2:   Wednesdays Jan 15 - Apr 29, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Double the instruction for FREE!



Total Study Program

Online Anywhere

Confident with the basics or tried the exam before, want scheduling flexibility? Power through the curriculum at your own pace (hours, days, weeks or months) with the ultimate freedom to learn, practice and review the entire breadth or laser-target any tough topic with Prof. Gordon as your virtual tutor and go-to academic resource. Your unlimited online access to all the Prof. Gordon study tools starts as soon as you enrol!



  • 20+ hours of focused, engaging Prof. Gordon Recorded Lessons
  • 500+ pages clear & concise Prof. Gordon Study Notes (PDFs)
  • 30+ Item Sets and many Essay Q&As with full solutions
  • 24/7 online student support forum
  • Success Guarantee: Free online access repeats & material updates



 Limited time offer

Final Review

In-class Toronto (U of T Downtown Campus)

Need an instant score and confidence booster and already studied the basics? Gear up for your exam at the ideal time with this intensive 3-day mini-mock-exam and question-analysis workshop that reveals the CFA exam tricks and traps and strategically recaps and ties together all the material including the complex topics and the critical score-raising application techniques to use on exam day.



  • 3-days (24 hours) in-person instruction
  • 100 page Q&A Workbook
  • Active learning approach - not a boring old PPT lecture
  • Mini-mock exams each followed by a topic tutorial debrief
  • Focus your study efforts on the material you MUST know
  • Success Guarantee: Discounted program re-enrolment
  • Popular add-on to the Weekly Classes and/or Total Study Program

Dates / Time

May 8,9,10, 9am-5pm daily



Prof. Gordon Study Notes

Online Anywhere (PDFs)

Want the most streamlined and simplified version of the curriculum? Clinch your understanding of the official text with these easy-to-grasp content summaries, learning exercises and examples for each study session. At this price, it’s worth it to use the Prof. Gordon Study Notes as a supplement to the CFA curriculum or other provider materials --although, it's a powerful comprehension maximizer all by itself!



  • Learn what you need to know in just about 500 pages!
  • 100's of exclusive learning examples & exam tips
  • Complete topic coverage
  • Popular add-on to the Weekly Classes and/or Final Review


Teaching Sample

Prof. Gordon teaching a Derivatives concept. (approx. 4 minutes).

Included in:

  • Complete Study Program
  • Total Study Program
  • Final Review

Online Study Demo

A quick overview of our online study resources. (approx. 6 minutes).

Included in:

  • Complete Study Program
  • Total Study Program

Study Notes Sample

A brief excerpt from the Prof. Gordon Study Notes.

Included in:

  • Complete Study Program
  • Total Study Program

Complete Study Program

Get it all at a discounted price....

In-person Classes, Online (videos, recordings & questions), Final Review, Study Notes, and Support.

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Installment Plan

Complete Study Program:

Classes, Videos, Notes, Questions, Support...get it all:

Save 40%!

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"I passed the CFA Level III exam. Thanks for all of your help. You definitely helped me a lot throughout my entire CFA journey"

Jeff Lilley

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"Your intensive weekend review course gave me the edge I needed to catch up on lost study time and pass Level III! Thank you."

David Wishart

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"All the practice we did in class for the essay questions definitely helped me cruise through the morning session and pass the level III CFA exam....."

M. Hassan

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"Access to the Professor was worth the price alone. I will tell my co-workers to use it!"

W. Zhuang

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