Certified Financial Planner QAFP™ & CFP®

Considering the QAFP or CFP?

Both are both prestigious professional financial planning credentials awarded by FP Canada, that demonstrate your expertise, commitment to the field and help you stand out from the competition.

Position yourself as a leader in financial planning management.

Why Become QAFP or CFP Certified?

Earning the Qualified Associate Financial Planner (CFP) certification or your Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification demonstrates that you have met rigorous requirements of education, examinations and experience, and that you're committed to the highest ethical and professional standards.

CFP certification offered by FP Canada is the most widely recognized financial planning designation in Canada and throughout the world. CFPs are equipped to provide financial planning solutions at the highest level of complexity required of the profession. There are approximately 17,000 CFP professionals across Canada and an international network of more than 181,000 CFP professionals in 26 territories around the world.

The QAFP designation offered by FP Canada is a Canadian credential that presents a certification option for existing financial planners wishing to serve Canadian clients who have less complex financial planning needs and for those wishing to gain recognition for their qualifications and professionalism along the path to CFP certification.

Whether you are just starting out in the profession, you're a seasoned financial planner or your career is somewhere in between, the QAFP credential or CFP credential can open doors for professional growth, better job security and greater income which in turn can lead to an improved quality of life.

Financial planners are highly sought-after and have a diverse range of professional opportunities, including:

What are the Paths to Certification?


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Education is a key component on the path to QAFP certification and CFP certification, ensuring that QAFP professionals and CFP professionals develop the knowledge, skills and abilities required for excellence in financial planning. FP Canada's QAFP certification and CFP certification education requirements are specifically tailored to each certification.

Candidates pursuing QAFP Certification are required to complete an FP-Canada Approved Core Curriculum Program and the Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE) course within the past four years..

Candidates pursuing the CFP certification will be required to complete and FP Canada-Approved Core Curriculum education program, an FP Canada-Approved Advanced Curriculum program, the FP Canada Institute Introduction to Professional Ethics (IPE), and the FP Canada Institute CFP Professional Education Program within the past four years.

Candidates are eligble to register for the respective exams upon completion of the required education programs.

The QAFP examination is a four-hour, computer-based exam consisting of both stand-alone and case-based multiple-choice questions. The QAFP exam is administered twice a year and is available in English and French.

The CFP examination is a six-hour, computer-based exam consisting of a combination of multiple-choice and constructed-response questions. The CFP exam is administered twice a year and is available in English and French.


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Financial planning work experience is a key step in achieving QAFP certification and CFP certification. Working directly with clients provides the opportunity to hone your skills and demonstrate that you're able to serve clients in a real-world setting.

QAFP Certification: You must have 1 year of qualifying financial planning work experience (based on a 35-hour work week) at the time of applying for QAFP certification.

CFP Certification: You must have 3 years of qualifying financial planning work experience (based on a 35-hour work week) at the time of applying for CFP certification.

All information supplied is subject to review and verification by FP Canada.


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Once you have completed three years of qualifying work experience, you are ready to apply with FP Canada for CFP certification.

Effective April 1, 2022, candidates applying for QAFP certification must hold, at minimum, a two-year college diploma and candidates applying for CFP certification must hold, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree.

At the time of application for QAFP certification or CFP certification, you will be asked to:

  • Provide an up-to-date resumé detailing your work experience with specific start and end dates.
  • Provide a letter signed by your most recent or current supervisor

What are the education requirements?

QAFP Certification - FP Canada

FP Canada-Approved Core Curriculum Program > FP Canada Institute Introduction to Professional Ethics

Learning Path to Earn QAFP Designation

QAFP Certification - FP Canada

FP Canada Approved Core Curriculum Program > FP Canada Approved Advanced Curriculum Program > FP Canada Institute Introduction to Professional Ethics > FP Canada Institute CFP Professional Education Program

Learning Path to Earn CFP Designation

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