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Created by Prof. Brian Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI.

Exam Success' IMT Tough Topic Summaries use easy to understand, non-technical language and plenty of learning examples to explain the concepts so candidates can develop a deeper understanding of the complex financial concepts.

Printable PDFs. Online access granted upon enrollment.

Students who want an "ABC" guide to simplify, streamline and elevate their command of the particularly tough topics.

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  • Debt Notes 

  • Provides:
  • Use our IMT Debt Notes (just 40 pages!) to simplify and summarize Chapters 8, 9 and 10.

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  • Technical Analysis 

  • Provides:
  • Use our IMT Chapter 7 Technical Analysis Summary Notes (just 7 pages!) to cover the content without the fluff!

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  • Resource Company

  • Provides:
  • Use our AIS Chapter 6 Resources Company Analysis Workbook (just 13 pages!) to score the extra marks you need to pass.

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  • Math Workbook

  • Provides:
  • Sharpen your skills to get extra marks to push you over the passing score. (57 pages of easy-to-follow learning examples.)

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Prof. Brian Gordon,

Pass with the Prof: For the AIS, IMT and PMT exams, Exam Success students prepare to pass with one of most gifted and experienced exam prep designers and educators in the profession, company founder and Canada's own Prof. Brian Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI.

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Brian's powerful no-nonsense study solutions for the CIM exams leverage his 20+ years of proven exam prep know-how, and do the hard work for you. They cut the fat, simplify the material, fire you up and show you precisely where to invest your time, efficiently guiding you with a strategic roadmap to exam success. Exam Success, your simplest path to a pass... and a better life.

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"I passed the IMT, your materials were a big reason why I got it done!"

B. Gregg

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"A few hours with the Prof. combined with the test banks and I passed both IMT and PMT!"

John Ord

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"Yippeee, I passed PMT- couldn't have done it without Exam Success! Your Q & A's by chapter, mock exams were extremely helpful!"

Jessie Behan

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"I just passed both IMT exams 1st try and credit your guides. They made it MUCH easier, helped me focus & save time."

Chuck Murray

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"I passed the AIS exam Monday and got 80% ! The exam was quite easy. Your math workbook & aids helped me a lot."

Salomon Gamache

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"I passed the CIM! Your IMT and PMT Debt Notes made the concepts easy to understand and definitely helped!"

Gabriel Romano

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"I enjoyed using your CIM materials. Your Q banks were great at helping me fill in the gaps without having to spend too much time with the text!"

R. Debski

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"Thanks, your notes for the AIS were excellent. The questions you provided were much harder than the ones on the actual exam."

James B, CIM

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"Thanks, I passed IMT Exam 1 on my first attempt (72%)!"

Brett Graham, CIM

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"I used the AIS test helped a lot!...on to the PMT!"

Brad T.

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"I passed the PMT! Your questions were a great resource that helped a lot...thanks!"

Carla Chase

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