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From aspiring Chartered Financial Analysts® and Portfolio Managers, to seasoned Investment Advisors and rookies alike, Exam Success students come from various backgrounds but they share the same goal; The simplest path to a pass... and a better life. Watch, read and get inspired by their stories below.


"I PASSED, prof. Gordon. I'm crying with joy right now... My score was very near the 90th percentile too, professor. I am in debt to you for all the opportunity you gave me... you are the very reason that I passed... I would not have done this without you. You are amazing, professor. I'm speechless right now."
Le Nhu Gia Khang


"I passed Level III!!! If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I could have ever cleared this exam (within this decade). Thank you Exam Success! I’m even thanking the guy who told me about you. You have no idea. Cheers,"
Michael Tofilis


"I really enjoyed using your AIS question bank it was great at helping me fill in the gaps for the wealth manager and Canadian context type questions without having to spend too much time with the text. I wrote the AIS exam this morning - computerized so i already know i passed. In fact I liked your AIS materials so much, I just signed up for your PMT question bank."
Remek Debski


" I took the Level 1 CFA exam previously with another provider and failed, even though I graduated with an econ degree. At first I was angry and disappointed after receiving my failing score (I definitely underestimated the exam) but this turned into an intense motivation to pass. I found Exam Success on the CFA Institute Approved Prep Provider list, and then asked around before I purchased Exam Success' online CFA course. Brian made the advanced topics so simple to grasp and steered me straight on how to answer those tricky CFA exam questions. I consider myself as someone with average intelligence who was never really great at taking tests, but thanks to Exam Success, passing the Level 1 exam was so much easier..."
Eric P.


“A huge thanks for your study tools. I used exam success for my CFP exam and was successful on the first attempt. I then enrolled in your AIS and PMT study notes, and I was able to tackle both exams in just two months, first try! I am so grateful for your resources, and wish I had found them earlier!”
Daryl Simms


“Your CFA course was well worth it. I highly recommend it to all my friends over other prep course providers. You stay on track, and you're efficient with time, hitting all the key points needed to prepare candidates for exam day. No regrets. I certainly will be taking your class again for Level 3. See you soon and thanks again for all your help.”
Michael MacDonald


"I must stay that your study notes are truly concise and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the misery out out of trying to understand the CFA texts which make the concepts more complex and confusing than they really are."
Ranveer Singh


"I just wanted to pass along the news that I passed the Level 1 exam! I found your online course and review sessions to be invaluable! Having used the Schweser program in the past, yours was refreshingly engaging and a nice respite from the dull CFA curriculum materials and the monotone, condescending Schweser approach. I've mentioned examsuccess to my friends...".
Brodie Woods


"I chose Exam Success after comparing similar options for CFA L1. Why? Exam Success has taught the program for years, it's affordable and flexible, and gives you a lot for what you pay for: instruction, custom notes, recorded lectures, and sample quizzes. Years later and now an L3 candidate I know I made the right choice – the Exam Success program helped me keep on pace, explained the material in much simpler terms than the official CFA curriculum, and played a huge part in my passing levels 1 and 2."
Greg O.


"Just a quick note to say thank you for the great support and ongoing help!! The questions, and the practice exams you designed were extremely beneficial to help get this pass. Not only were the questions beneficial but they really make you think things through so that you grasp the concepts. Nothing short of an awesome deal!!"
Chris Morrall


"I am happy to inform that I have passed the Level III CFA exam this year. Thank you so much for everything. The class and notes really helped in passing."
Garnet Callender


"I just received the result of AIS took last Saturday and I PASSED! I only had a week to study, and THANKS to your program, I had better idea before the exam, and many questions were similar to the Mock Exam. Also, great tips in Mock Exam regarding time allocation. It worked! Thank you once again for all your support. Have a great Easter Weekend!"
Shoko Sanchez


"I passed my CSC 1 exam! I was even worried after writing but I made it. Thank you for your help and encouragement. I even mastered bond calculations with your study guides. I found your site an excellent study tool."


"You are a find for those taking these exams, thx for everything you do."
Beverly McCaffrey


"Passed CFA Level 2. And from what I understand this is a pretty good pass. Your course really helped me focus on the right stuff. You pretty much called exactly what would be on the test. Looking forward to taking your level 3 review course next year in Calgary. Thanks!"
Jim Fairbairn


“thanks for all your efforts during the level 2 CFA class this year. I'm excited to share that I passed the exam and hope to register with your level 3 CFA class in the coming weeks.”
John Peellegoda


"I've been using the Exam Success materials to prepare for all three CFA exams. Work and personal life demands made it difficult to put in as many study hours as I had for level I and II. Your last minute intensive CFA course gave me the edge I needed to catch up on lost study time and pass Level III."
David Wishart


"I did indeed pass! I enjoyed your course, and have recommended it to friends taking the level 2 CFA exam. I feel like the long answer questions you crafted were a great way to focus my studies as the exam approached. To be honest only did 1 practice exam and just went through your booklet about 3 times really honing in on the key concepts. Hope to see you next year for level 3 CFA prep!"
Joseph Hoover, Financial Advisor at TD Bank Group


"I am very grateful. You have made amazing CFA courses! Your teaching... just wow… I couldn’t get tired of it. Your modules and the Power Review were extremely on point and are the real difference maker (I finished the Power Review in 3 days). Diminishing Marginal Return doesn't really exist with regard to your teaching. I just love it."
Le Nhu Gia Khang


"Brian was a wonderful teacher! He really gave me the understanding of finance that I needed to succeed in the industry, and pass all levels of the CFA curriculum. He is very clear when explaining new or complex topics, and has the patience required to be an exceptional instructor and ensure we understood the material rather than memorized it. He engaged the class and made sure no one felt left out. Participation was encouraged. His sense of humour made those school days that seemed long more bearable. My friends and I looked forward to his classes and wished more teachers were as fun to learn from. Thanks Brian!"
Jonathan James (Student at Concordia University - MBA )


"Yippeee, I passed my PMT exam and couldn't have done it without Exam Success! The two question test banks that covered each chapter in book in addition to the two mock exams consisting of 50 questions each, were extremely helpful in my preparation to pass the PMT exam. Thanks Brian Gordon for all your encouragement and thank you to the team at Exam Success!"
Jessie Behan


"I’ purchased the Exam Success AIS + PMT aids + math workbook. I want to let you know that I’ve passed the AIS and PMT exams and I got 80% on both ! The exams were quite easy and your CIM resources helped me a lot. Also because my native language is French, I had to work a little bit harder. Thanks again."
Salomon Gamache


"Brian understands how to effectively work with busy financial executives. I retained Brian to engage in discussions of complicated portfolio management concepts."
Mark Sack


"Thanks to Exam success for helping me get through FPE1! I actually signed up to use Brian's resources fairly last minute but was able to use the test bank and the concise notes to help me prepare and pass the exam. Would recommend it to others preparing for it. I'm glad I will have these resources to help me through the Capstone and FPE2 as well!"
Shelley Maher


"These questions have really helped me in my IMT preparation. The exam prep materials which CSI provide are useless and never reflect the difficulty of questions on the exam. Thanks for the support!"
K. Whelan


"I wanted to thank you for the excellent Question Test Bank for FPE1. I would say that I studied almost exclusively from the Test Bank and cleared the FPE1 in my first attempt. I would recommend this to everyone who preparing to challenge CFP.  I was pleasantly surprised to get email from him offering help.This is really like have a personal coach. Thank you Prof. Gordon."
Anil Manghani


"All that worrying was for nothing. Got the email less than a couple of weeks ago to let me know that I passed! Will start my preparations for the CFA Level II this coming Monday...Can't wait to use your material again to prepare for another successful CFA exam go around..."
Roger Manzano Jr.


"…thanks so much for y our help for Level-2 exam… Prof Gordon made it easy for us. His teaching style is simply fantastic as he starts with simple concept clarity to advance level with so much ease. Prof Gordon covers everything directly from LOS and class handouts which are vast enough to practice as well as handy enough for reference in last day of preparations...Moreover he is always charming and helpful in solving any question in any CFA study area..."
Tejvinder Singh


“Thank you very much for the study material…it has really helped me condense the information required for the CFP exams… I will be sure to recommend you to employees & friends.”
Linsday Masson


"I would like to thank Brian for his guidance and instruction in helping me challenge the level III CFA exam. All the practice we did in class for the essay questions definitely helped me cruise through the morning session and pass the level III CFA exam. I would recommend him to any one pursuing the CFA designation..."
Mahmood Hassan


"Hey Brian, long time since I attended your great CFA workshops and exam prep sessions ... It's been 12 years! Keep up the great work!"
Arman Kamran


"One of my friends (Alex) told me that your notes are awesome for CFA L3!”
Nipun Madan


"I passed level 1 first try! Your online study program and especially your final review class contributed a great deal in me accomplishing this. I just want to say thank you for the guidance and support through this CFA Level I process."
Spencer Holland


"I signed up for the Exam Success Question Test Bank a few weeks before writing L2 CFA and it was extremely helpful to my preparation. My questions were responded to by email and very quickly. This personalized service definitely made a difference to me in my preparation. The question bank had a very good range of questions and covered all the major topics for L2. I’d definitely recommend Exam Success to other CFA writers! Thank you!"
Shelley Gupta


"Passed level 1. Couldn't have done it without your questions. Thanks so much!
Adam Ferguson


"Just like to let you know I passed Level II. Thank you for all the teaching and support this year, I found it to be invaluable come exam time. Look forward to Level III classes next CFA season.
Brad Muller


"Second time is the charm! I could not have passed without your dedication and timeless effort sitting with me in the library until I got it! Last year I took another course and honestly, it was a waste of time compared to yours. Thank you...I will be back for Level 3!"
–Tundil C.


"Brian is such a good teacher. He teaches not only the knowledge, but also the logic, most importantly how to figure out the solutions. He makes everything look so straightforward and explains the tricky concepts crystal clear. With his tips, I feel that memorizing formulas and confusing comparisons is so easy. I'm surprised that I can learn so much in the 4-day exam preparation session and conquer the CFA Level two exam.
–Stanley Wang


"We were very pleased with the weekly IFIC Mutual Funds course you delivered here at the Bank. The classes were well organized, the learning resources and exam tips you provided were invaluable."
–Jess Mann


"I just received the letter….and I PASSED! Your CFA course was the difference. Thank you for providing such a well organized and focused study program. I’ll be back for Level 2!"


" ...Outstanding CFA instruction! I'd recommend it to anyone who is serious about passing. Your techniques helped me to focus and finish with extra time to review my answers...."
–A. K.


"one of the best profs. very nice guy, takes time to explain problems thoroughly and ensures everyone understands. really cares about his students!"
–Ryerson University student


"(Brian)...I am happy to tell you that our 3 employees who attended your FPE1 review last May all passed! I will be glad to recommend your seminar when asked."


"Just writing to let you know I was successful on completing Level 2 of the CFA Program and your course was a big part of my success. Thank you."

"...I have passed the CSC exam. I really appreciate the excellent coaching you have given to make this possible..."
–D. M.


"Hands down the best professor I have ever had. This guy (Prof. Gordon) is awesome, he knows what he's talking about, doesn't try to screw people over and makes the class enjoyable. If you have to take FIN401 take it only with him. But don't expect a walk through, it's a tough course and you need to study."
–Ryerson University student


"...I am writing to inform you that I just received the result of the CPH exam and I have passed. I want to thank you for your advice and review strategies that you provided me with..."
–M. M.


"Having been out of school for 20 years, I found it very difficult to be able to study on my own. Your patience and guidance helped me to finally pass this dreaded exam! Thank you."


"...I PASSED the CFP Exam! ...the course was great, the review questions allowed me to focus my study efforts and tie it all together..."


"I would like to thank you for all your help with level 3 CFA prep. I was successful in passing the exam this year. Thanks again."

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CFA Student Testimonial - Liliana

"Your materials are clear, simple and strategically focused on exam-critical concepts and questions and kept me on track to a pass.

Lilianna Patino

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CFA Student Testimonial - Frederick

"Your efficient, practical and strategic prep approach gave me the skills and direction I needed to reach the finish line."

Frederic Bouvier

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CFA Student Testimonial - Shiraz

"Taking your program was the best decision. Your straight-forward, well-structured study notes & online videos helped me focus and hit the key points."

Shiraz Noor

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CFA Student Testimonial - Graeme

"I'm certain that my chances of passing without your help would have been far less, or nil. I've been singing your praises..."

Graeme McCallum

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CFA Student Testimonial - Ting

"You truly have a superior ability to explain complex material simply, clearly and succinctly. I highly recommend Exam Success."

Ting Liu

CFA Student Testimonial - David

"I passed thanks to your prep course and study material. I've recommended Exam Succcess to my colleagues."

David Addo

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CFA Student Testimonial - Edis

"Thanks for your level II Calgary class. I passed and I couldn't have done it without your to-the-point tips."

Edis Tupkovic

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CFA Student Testimonial - Alpa

"Thanks for removing the CFA curriculum drudgery and helping me confidently and efficiently get to the finish line. Exactly what I needed."

Alpa Atha

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CFA Student Testimonial - Greg

"Your course kept me on pace, explained the material in much simpler terms than the CBOK, played a huge part in my passing CFA L1 & L2!"

Greg O.

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CIM Student Testimonial - Jessie

"Yippeee, I passed PMT- couldn't have done it without Exam Success! Your Q & A's by chapter, mock exams were extremely helpful!"

J. Behan, CIM

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"Your intensive Level I, II, III review courses gave me the edge I needed to catch up on lost study time and pass all three CFA exams!"
David W. Wishart

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CFP Student Testimonial - Shelley

"Would recommend it to others preparing for it. I'm glad I will have these resources to help me through the Capstone and FPE2 as well!"

Shelley M.

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CFA Student Testimonial - Clayton

"Your course was just what I needed to efficiently balance my CFA studies, career demands and family time!"

Clayton Raymond

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CFA Student Testimonial - David SugamanCEO Olde Thompson, LLC

"If there were an Exam Prep Hall Of Fame, Prof. Brian Gordon would earn the #1 rank on it for best CFA exam prep teacher."

David Sugarman

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