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A Trusted Name in Financial Services Exam Prep since 1999, Exam Success is led by its Founder and Director of Learning, Prof. Brian Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI, and is made up of an outstanding team of professional educators who are renowned industry experts, subject authors and designation holders. Meet the Team.....


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We deliver CFA, CFP, CIM and CSC Exam Preparation with a passion.


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The key is our no-nonsense Prof. Gordon Method™ which cuts the fat, simplifies the materials and laser-focuses on what's needed to pass — providing a powerful and practical prep process that saves you time and stress.

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We want to make it easier for you to pass your exams and advance in your career. Everything we do is centered on helping you Study Smart and Score More in terms of effort, time and value!


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Choosing Exam Success as your learning partner will put you in good company with thousands of professionals around the globe, from leading organizations:

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Chartered Investment Manager

Provide Discretionary Investment Management services for your clients.

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The gold standard in the financial industry.

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Study Notes, Detailed Learning Examples & Practice Questions

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