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From aspiring Chartered Financial Analysts® and Portfolio Managers, to seasoned Investment Advisors and rookies alike, Exam Success students come from various backgrounds but they share the same goal; The simplest path to a pass... and a better life. Watch, read and get inspired by their stories below.

Results That Matter

Le Nhu Gia Khang

"I PASSED my CFA exam Prof. Gordon! I'm crying with joy right now... My score was very near the 90th percentile too, professor. I am in debt to you for all the opportunity you gave me... you are the very reason that I passed... I would not have done this without you. You are amazing, professor. I'm speechless right now."

Michael Tofilis

"I passed the Level III CFA exam. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I could have ever cleared this exam (within this decade). Thank you Exam Success! I’m even thanking the guy who told me about you. You have no idea. Cheers,"

Remek Debski

" I took the Level 1 CFA exam previously with another provider and failed, even though I graduated with an econ degree. At first I was angry and disappointed after receiving my failing score (I definitely underestimated the exam) but this turned into an intense motivation to pass. I found Exam Success on the CFA Institute Approved Prep Provider list, and then asked around before I purchased Exam Success' online CFA course. Brian made the advanced topics so simple to grasp and steered me straight on how to answer those tricky CFA exam questions. I consider myself as someone with average intelligence who was never really great at taking tests, but thanks to Exam Success, passing the Level 1 exam was so much easier..."

Jason Marten

"I just wanted to thank you personally for providing such a great CFP prep course! I passed despite the very low exam pass rate. I utilized and relied heavily on your CFP material for the exam, and it paid off. I actually purchased the entire Gobeil's study material, only to soon realize it was near impossible to get through 2000 pages of notes. Even his 1000 questions (which were interesting) were largely out of scope for the exam. That is when I decided to purchase your course - I just wish I didn't waste my money on Gobeil's course, lol. I will be sure to recommend your course to my colleagues in the industry."

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We've helped thousands of CFA, CFP, CIM, CSC Program candidates succeed.

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CFA Program Prep Made Simple Levels 1, 2 & 3

"Your materials are clear, simple and strategically focused on exam-critical concepts and questions and kept me on track to a pass.

"Your efficient, practical and strategic prep approach gave me the skills and direction I needed to reach the finish line."

"Taking your program was the best decision. Your straight-forward, well-structured study notes & online videos helped me focus and hit the key points."

"I'm certain that my chances of passing without your help would have been far less, or nil. I've been singing your praises..."

"You truly have a superior ability to explain complex material simply, clearly and succinctly. I highly recommend Exam Success."

"I passed thanks to your prep course and study material. I've recommended Exam Succcess to my colleagues."

"Thanks for your level II Calgary class. I passed and I couldn't have done it without your to-the-point tips."

"Thanks for removing the CFA curriculum drudgery and helping me confidently and efficiently get to the finish line. Exactly what I needed."

"Your course kept me on pace, explained the material in much simpler terms than the CBOK, played a huge part in my passing CFA L1 & L2!"

"Yippeee, I passed PMT- couldn't have done it without Exam Success! Your Q & A's by chapter, mock exams were extremely helpful!"

"Your intensive Level I, II, III review courses gave me the edge I needed to catch up on lost study time and pass all three CFA exams!"

"Would recommend it to others preparing for it. I'm glad I will have these resources to help me through the Capstone and FPE2 as well!"

"Your course was just what I needed to efficiently balance my CFA studies, career demands and family time!"

"If there were an Exam Prep Hall Of Fame, Prof. Brian Gordon would earn the #1 rank on it for best CFA exam prep teacher."

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