Our Mission....

"I have one goal. Make it easier for you to pass."

Way beyond preparing exam candidates to pass (that's a given).

Exam Success is devoted to delivering the simplest path to a pass; by providing the most strategic, straightforward, succinct and engaging exam-focused courses and materials possible.

Our Way

The things we do for our students are rooted in our 4 core beliefs.


We know that our students are
the heart of our business, and
everything we do revolves around building their trust and success. Exam Success is honest and transparent and we
embrace a one-team attitude and constantly strive to make a real difference.
We're about the people.


We spend time making things radically simplified — because we know that efficiency and ease resonates with those we appeal to. Most people think simplicity is about having less. We believe it's really about having "just enough of what you need". This is Exam Success' north star.
None other is as bold or precise.


Every Exam Success study
solution is created by company founder and Canada’s own exam prep personality Prof. Brian
Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI, with more than 20 years
— so we can guarantee they’re the highest quality and they work!
Our value goes beyond price.


Exam Success is incredibly
impactful for savvy students who
have an academic or professional background in the testable topics,
or have failed the exam before
and want a viable "Plan B" to confidently clear the passing
score and move up —
for good.
Better prep for the right student.

Our Story

Brian needed to simplify his exam prep — it turns out, he wasn't the only one.

Early in 1999...

Brian Gordon, Bay Street banker, adjunct Business School Finance Instructor and Level III CFA candidate at the time, put his wizardry of finance, education and exam prep to work after recognizing that preparing to pass financial services industry exams the typcial way was too hard.

Home Grown in Toronto...

Brian founded Exam Success in January 1999, from a University of Toronto classroom, with the vision for making the journey to passing the notoriously tough high-stakes financial services industry exams a lot easier, even enjoyable. He began developing a study system and solutions that would help eliminate study stress, struggles and wasted time... and that grew into something incredibly useful.

Exam Success Today

Today, backed by a small (but devoted) team, Prof. Brian Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI, continues to be the key spark for Exam Success innovation. His signature no-nonsense study approach and solutions have made it easier for thousands of aspiring CFA, CFP, CIM, CSC credential holders to pass their exams and get ahead in life, fueling the Toronto-based exam prep company's international growth, and first-class reputation.

Our Numbers

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We’ve been helping financial industry exam candidates simplfy the path to a pass since 1999.

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We've solved study stuggles for exam candidates from more than thirty countries.

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We've provided exam prep training to professionals from hundreds of top organizations.

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We've helped thousands of CFA, CFP, CIM, CSC Program candidates succeed.

"1000s of Success Stories"

Most Exam Success students come from word of mouth.
We’ve learned from 2 decades in business, that truly satisfying our students is the best marketing strategy to sustain and grow our company. If you entrust Exam Success as your prep partner, you can be sure we'll do whatever it takes to earn your respect and referrals too.

Prof. Gordon is one of Canada's most experienced exam prep experts!
Prof. Gordon
"Your materials are clear, simple and strategically focused on exam-critical concepts and questions and kept me on track to a pass.
Lilianna Patino
"Your efficient, practical and strategic prep approach gave me the skills and direction I needed to reach the finish line.
Frederic Bouvier
"A few hours with the Prof. combined with the test banks and I passed both IMT and PMT!"
John Ord
"Yippeee, I passed PMT- couldn't have done it without Exam Success! Your Q & A's by chapter, mock exams were extremely helpful!"
Jessie Behan
"I just passed both IMT exams 1st try and credit your guides. They made it MUCH easier, helped me focus & save time."
Chuck Murray
"Your materials and videos were reliable as a primary content source, succinct and easy to follow, IDEAL for time-deprived candidates like me."
Liang Feng
"Taking your program was the best decision. Your straight-forward, well-structured study notes & online videos helped me focus and hit the key points.
Shiraz Noor
"I'm certain that my chances of passing without your help would have been far less, or nil. I've been singing your praises..."
Graeme McCallum
"You truly have a superior ability to explain complex material simply, clearly and succinctly. I highly recommend Exam Success."
Ting Liu
"I passed thanks to your prep course and study material. I've recommended Exam Succcess to my colleagues."
David Addo
"Prof. Gordon made it easy. His teaching style is simply fantastic. He provides concept clarity, is concise and yet detailed enough."
Tejvinder M
"Overwhelmed with joy to be awarded the CFA charter. It has been a very rewarding experience. I owe it to your guidance Brian!"
Pavel Kuperman
"I passed! I found your review course incredibly useful, especially in helping me focus my efforts in the final few days before the exam.
Katie G.
"Having written Level 1 twice before, I can confidently say I wouldn't have been able to do it without your classes."
Alex Suddard
"I'm crying with joy right now... you are the very reason that I passed... You are amazing, professor. I'm speechless."
Le Nhu Gia Khang
"I don't think I'd have been successful without Prof. Gordon's CFA exam prep. I've recommended it to many candidates, and will continue to do so."
Jessica Mittler

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Our students work at top firms:

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