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Clinch the Curriculum. At your pace, any place.

Created by Prof. Brian Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI.

Harness your content knowledge and competency with this clear and concise and condensed version of the curriculum. It's all here: the ins and outs, the do's and don'ts. The Exam Success Study Notes Set for the Level I CFA exam is a superb curriculum companion; yet it's a potent comprehension and score stimulator all by itself!

On demand with any device (Printable PDFs). Access granted upon enrollment. Suggested study time budget is 50 hours.

Students who want an “ABC” guide to simplify, streamline and elevate their command of the entire curriculum or any particular topics.

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Study Notes Set Features:
Many Study Notes students also buy the Power Review or opt to upgrade to a Focus Course bundle (Total or Plus) which already includes the Study Notes Set and delivers a better value.

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Pass with the Prof: For the Level I CFA exam, Exam Success students prepare to pass with one of most gifted and experienced CFA Program exam prep designers and educators in the profession, company founder and Canada's own Prof. Brian Gordon, CFA, CFP, CIM, MBA, FCSI.

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Brian's powerful no-nonsense study solutions for the Level I CFA exam leverage his 20+ years of proven CFA Program prep know-how, and do the hard work for you. They cut the fat, simplify the material, fire you up and show you precisely where to invest your time, efficiently guiding you with a strategic roadmap to exam success. Exam Success, your simplest path to a pass... and a better life.

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"Impressive Study Notes Set. Highly recommended for anyone needing a concise but detailed review of the topics."

"Prof. Gordon's enthusiasm really rubbed off on me, made boring material come to life, much simpler to understand."

"I passed Level I, thanks for all your help and support, in addition to those fantastic exam review sessions. They made all the difference."

"Thanks for taking the misery out of trying to understand the complex and confusing CFA texts."

"I'm crying with joy right now... you are the very reason that I passed... You are amazing, professor. I'm speechless."

Your comprehensive Level I CFA course was a huge help and cut down my study hours as my friend Jackson promised it would!"

"Can't thank you enough for your to the point Level 1 CFA prep. I relied almost solely on your notes. Delighted to see the pass email today."

"I passed! Your invaluable tips and review helped me understand content that had been challenging me in my own studies."

"I passed my Level I CFA exam using only your materials, without reading the book LOL."

"Having written Level 1 twice before, I can confidently say I wouldn't have been able to do it without your classes."

"Your classes were incredibly helpful! Thanks for answering my many questions and being so encouraging. You're the best! "

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